Vote for Project Food in Chase Community Giving

Support a good cause. Vote for Project Food in Chase Bank’s Community Giving Program. Project Food is a non-profit started by Don Diaz’ photo assistant Zack Witzig. The concept is taking unused food from film and photo shoots, and donating it to the needy. 

Here’s how to vote:

Step 1: Click or type in this URL:

Step 2: In “Search Charities” box, type: Project Food; then click “Search”

Step 3: Place cursor over vote button; click “Allow Application”

Step 4: Login to Facebook

Step 5:  Repeat Step 2 and click “Vote” button next to Project Food 

CLICK HERE TO DONATE OR SUBSCRIBE  to Project Food, LA’s Premiere Industry Servicing Food-Rescue Non-Profit.

Le Book Connections, NYC

Haven and I just got back from Le Book Connections in New York, and wanted to share some pictures of my booth with you. We had a lot of fun passing out bags of candy, along with promos and showing clients, new and old, my photographers’ work. What do you think my favorite color is? Some people weren’t sure. 🙂

Getting to Know Ericka McConnell

Ericka McConnell grew up in Berkeley, CA.  When she was fifteen, her stepdad gave her a camera and she immediately started photographing her friends.  She honed her craft in Berkeley, Oregon, Florence, Italy, and finally New York, where she started shooting professionally.  She stayed in NYC for fifteen years, during which time she met her husband and had her daughter, Flora.  Ericka and her family now live in back in the Bay Area, but she still returns to NY frequently for assignments, and feels as comfortable shooting on a New York street as she does on top of a snowy mountain.

Getting to Know Gary Copeland

Gary Copeland is a self-taught photographer, who studied film at USC, and has built a successful photography career with pictures that he thinks say more about him than any biography ever could.  When he’s not on shoots, you can find Gary at concerts, spending time with the people he cares most about, or just enjoying life at home.  He isn’t obsessed with travel (though he loves it!) because he feels he still hasn’t seen everything in his own backyard.  He grew up in the desert, and now lives near the sea with his girlfriend of many years Veronica, so you may also find him lounging on the beach.  He shoots many of his jobs at night, and feels quite comfortable in the dark.

Getting to Know Martin Rusch

Martin Rusch was born and raised near Stockholm, Sweden.  He studied to be an engineer before a summer trip to Germany changed his path and he began a career in photography.  He later moved to Paris without speaking a single word of French.  He fell in love with the bohemian lifestyle and, before he knew it, more than a decade had gone by. Martin has now worked in over twenty countries and is fluent in French, German, Swedish, and English.  He met his future wife, Lisa, on a job in LA.  He took trips back and forth for eleven years before finally relocating to LA permanently.  The couple has a baby boy, Odin, born in the summer of 2010, and still keeps a place in Paris for visits.

Shannon’s Interview with James Robinson

Recently James Robinson interviewed Shannon Greer for his blog. Here’s a little sample of what Shannon had to say…

James Robinson Photography Blog is pleased to have Shannon Greershare his photography and insights with our readers. Thank youShannon for sharing a few moments with JRP Blog.

Shannon Greer: It is my pleasure James.

JRP: Where do you call home?

Shannon Greer: I live in Fort GreeneBrooklyn with my partner Charlotta Janssen, a painter. I grew up in Manhattan (Soho, before it became a mall). I urge anyone visiting NYC to come to Fort Greene if you want to get a better sense of what Manhattan might have felt like in the 70′s and 80′s.

JRP: What led you to photography? Do you have any formal training or assisting in your background? How would you classify your work?

Shannon Greer: I picked up a camera when I was 12 or thirteen first. However, I ended up going to college more for my drawing and painting then for my photography. After a taking some time off (and just walking out on a restaurant as a busboy), I ran into a high school friend who introduced me to a modeling agent. I ended up shooting with Steven MeiselMario TestinoArthur Elgort, and Pamela Hansen. I really enjoyed working with them, and I decided to go back to school for photography. It was a Fine Art program, so I was able to study with Jan GrooverGregory Crewdson, and Jed Devine. It was a lot of fun to work with so many different processes. Upon graduating, I started assisting for five years. I worked with some really wonderful fashion and lifestyle photographers, like Francois DeconinckPhilip Newton,Pamela Hanson and Dewey Nicks. Spent a ton of time assisting on JCrew jobs. Then, I decided to go on my own. This was back when you could call an editor and they would answer their phones (before photographers overtook actors as New York City’s most populated profession). I brought in a portfolio of 10 laser copies from a JCrew job I was a second unit shooter on. It did the trick. I was working the following week, and now I’ve been on my own for 14 years.

To read more visit James’s blog post  with Shannon’s interview in it’s entirety.

Le Book Connections LA!

Le Book Connections in Los Angeles was a smashing success! Here are a couple quick pictures taken at the event, as well as our thank you note, designed by our favorite, Ophelia Chong!

Getting to Know Gretchen Easton

Gretchen Easton lived in Iowa, Georgia, and Minnesota before landing in the place of her dreams, California. She studied at both Brooks Institute of Photography and Art Center College of Design, where she received her BFA in photography. Gretchen determined early on that she wanted to focus on photographing children. Maybe it’s because as a teenager she was a nanny for five kids, or maybe it’s because she has thirty cousins. Whatever the reason, she truly enjoys capturing the images and personalities of youth. Her work reflects the joy and fun of childhood. With a love of fashion and travel, she photographs for clients around the globe.