Celebrating Female Photographers // Women’s History Month

We are lucky to have so many incredible female photographers on our roster.

Let’s celebrate women today & every day!

Lindsey Childs

Colette de Barros

Annie Edmonds

Cheyenne Ellis

Marili Forastieri

Olivia Graham

Cindy James

Vivian Kim

Ericka McConnell

Kate Moore

Welcome To The Agency, Vivian Kim!

Vivian Kim is a California born-and-raised photographer and director who is currently based in… you guessed it — California. Vivian fell in love with photography the instant she felt the shutter release of her best friend’s late grandfather’s Canon AE1. It was a simple, yet impactful feeling that paralleled the moments she sought to capture. Her work reflects her attention to detail, as she captures the in-between moments that look and feel effortless and refreshing. She values collaboration and brings a fresh and motivated energy to each project, to produce truly impactful work.

Beyond her career, she loves to surf and travel. She is a serial hobbyist and loves learning. Because of this, she is an ok guitar player, knows a bit more than the average person about plants, can start a conversation in four different languages, and has made some wonderful friends all over the world.

Rus’s New Restaurant ABOLEA in Madrid, Spain!

Check out photos from Rus Anson’s new restaurant ABOLEA in Madrid! All of the featured photos are shot by Rus herself. Click here to learn more about ABOLEA and here to follow ABOLEA on Instagram!