Blushington Q&A

Blushington is a makeup and beauty lounge that just opened October 7, 2011 in West Hollywood.  They’re fittingly located right next to Drybar, who we did an interview with in September, making this spot on Sunset Boulevard a one-stop shop for your beauty needs!  Stephi Maron, Founder and CEO of Blushington, was kind enough to make time for us to speak a bit about her new venture.


AP: How did you come up with the concept?


SM: I had graduated from college and couldn’t find a place that did natural makeup.  So I set out to make one.


AP: What is the relationship to Drybar? We did an interview with them, so I definitely see some similarities in the marketing and overall concept.


SM: We don’t have a partnership, but Cameron* does our branding and we have the same architect.


AP: How would you describe Blushington’s approach to beauty and makeup?


SM: We take a natural approach.  Less is more, so we don’t cake it on.


AP: What is your favorite look?


SM: I like all of them.  I think it’s fun to try a new look every day.  Pure and Simple is my go-to look.  I also really like the classic Hollywood look.


AP: How did you select these specific looks?


SM: Emma Willis** and I selected them.  We did research and took a lot of time.  All of them look different on each person.  It helps let the makeup artists know what you want.


AP: What would say is the most important facial feature to highlight?


SM: I think it varies for everyone, depending on what you want to bring out.  Your skin type is important, too.  Sometimes, a good foundation makes big difference.


AP: How did you come up with the name?


SM: Cameron came up with the name.  I like it.  I think it kind of sounds European.


AP: How did you decide on the interior design?


SM: A traditional vanity was inspiration.  I wanted it to be a home away from home with a modern look, too.


AP: Can you talk a bit about your background in couture fashion, PR, and marketing and how that came into play when creating Blushington? Were you always a makeup girl?


SM: I’ve always loved the beauty and fashion world.  I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  I also wanted to own my own business.  I never went to beauty school, though.  It’s just something I love.



We love that this dream became a reality!  Find your favorite look here.




*Cameron Webb created Drybar’s branding and identity.

**Emma Willis is Blushington’s Director of Artistry and Relations.

Here is a photo of owner, Stephi Maron:

Here are some photos of the looks they provide at Blushington:

Here are some photos of the lounge itself:

Blushington was also recently featured in EW magazine: