The Return To Freedom Sanctuary By Cheyenne Ellis

The Return to Freedom Sanctuary in Central California gives permanent safe haven to over 400 wild horses and burros and is conserving the unique bloodlines of the American Mustang.

Cheyenne recently had the chance to visit and capture these special images. Check out their website to see how you can get involved with their program!


Cheyenne traveled to Bocas del Toro, Panama for the third time to work for Floating Doctors, and document the services they are providing to the local indigenous tribes.


Cheyenne Ellis’s Trip To Guatemala

Cheyenne Ellis traveled to Guatemala with the non profit organization Reach Out Worldwide to document their disaster relief efforts following Volcano de Fuego. 

Check out some of her moving images below.

Cheyenne Ellis Hosts Fundraiser For Floating Doctors

Cheyenne has been involved with Floating Doctors for the past 3 years, traveling to Panama to document the incredible work that is being done by this organization.  

Next Wednesday, October 19th, she will be hosting a fundraiser at The Old Place restaurant and Cornell Winery to help raise funds and keep this very special non profit afloat.

Please consider donating, spreading the word, and getting involved.


EVENT ONLY TICKETS: (7:30pm start)

Music by Devendra Banhart

and a showing of Cheyenne’s recent trip to Panama

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Nepal Relief Fund

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Please donate anything you can to help the people that have been devastated by the earthquakes in Nepal. And if you can’t donate, share the link on your social media pages to make sure Nepal gets all the help they can.


Donate/Share with this link:

Cheyenne’s New Promo Series

Cheyenne’s new promo series for 2015 will be 4 individual books of personal work coming out quarterly.  Volume I chronicles the work she did in Panama for Floating Doctors. Designed by Ro & Co. in New York and printed by Paper Chase Press in LA.CEPromo1 CEPromo2 CEPromo3 CEPromo4 CEPromo5 CEPromo6 CEPromo7 CEPromo8 CEPromo9 CEPromo10

Pencils of Promise, Join the Global Impact

Photograph by Nick Onken
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Pencils of Promise is an organization dedicated to building schools and educational programs in the developing world. Take a moment to read The Power of Giving Back, to see how you can contribute to this amazing cause.