The Return To Freedom Sanctuary By Cheyenne Ellis

The Return to Freedom Sanctuary in Central California gives permanent safe haven to over 400 wild horses and burros and is conserving the unique bloodlines of the American Mustang.

Cheyenne recently had the chance to visit and capture these special images. Check out their website to see how you can get involved with their program!

Welcome To The Agency, Ashley Frangie!

Ashley Frangie is a 30-year-old Mexican photographer, born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. She inherited her creativity from her mother, with whom she used to paint and make sculptures as a child. In 2013, she graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Fine Art of Photography. While attending the Brooks Institute, she joined the f-11 and, once graduated, she moved to New York, where she worked for Kenneth Willardt for two years.
Ashley describes herself as a person with a nomadic heart; she has lived in many cities and, at present, she lives Los Angeles. She is passionate about photographing hands, and she is a great admirer of photographers Deborah Turbeville and Francesca Woodman. Her first solo exhibition, called ‘Las horas que me tomo’, took place at Casa Paraíso, in 2015 and, since then, Ashley has made several exhibitions in different cities of the United States, Mexico and Germany. Nowadays, she works for brands such as Nylon, Vogue, Elle, Tommy Hilfiger, Givency, Cream Magazine, L’Officiel, Lancome, Tiffany, YSL, Ben and Frank, Sony and Desigual.

Cheyenne Sails Thru Fiji

Cheyenne Ellis recently traveled thru Fiji aboard the Oniva catamaran to document a 10 day sailing trip with professional surfers. Enjoy!

Welcome To The Agency, Emily Abay!

With over a decade of experience in photography, Emily Abay’s work embodies femininity, and a natural flow on sun lit curves that epitomises the sensuality of women. Working mainly as a commercial fashion and advertising photographer, Abay has been seen in such magazines as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and countless international advertising campaigns.

She was once told that photography is just painting with light, and from then on the world became her canvas, with her camera as her brush. She focuses her vision on sexuality in a unique way that is beautiful to women and sends a positive message about self image.

Her love of photography began at a young age – Abay’s mother is a photographer so she spent much of her childhood around photography studios and in dark rooms. As such, her interest evolved naturally.

Growing up with knowledge of analogue photography, gave her an advantage of appreciation of light in a world of the digital age. She anticipates moments of light before it will hit the camera, which ensures little room for error or the need for technical enhancements to enrich the image. Her awareness and ability to foresee a moment has given her a renowned name in the photography industry.

Check out Emily’s portfolio here!


Cheyenne traveled to Bocas del Toro, Panama for the third time to work for Floating Doctors, and document the services they are providing to the local indigenous tribes.


Cheyenne Ellis’s Trip To Guatemala

Cheyenne Ellis traveled to Guatemala with the non profit organization Reach Out Worldwide to document their disaster relief efforts following Volcano de Fuego. 

Check out some of her moving images below.