Getting to Know Me

After some debate with my assistant (she wanted me to do this post, I did not!) I decided to let Haven win and to tell you a little about me. I went to college at UCLA, where I majored in Communications and minored in Economics.  I have always loved fashion.  I worked at Contempo Casuals (remember them?), which led to winning “Best Dressed” in high school.  I suppose that was more of a sign of things to come than that Econ minor.  After college, I sold piece goods downtown in the garment district for seven years.  Then, I started looking for a change.  A good friend of mine, Donna Scoggins (now a fashion writer-, who was a model and actress at the time, introduced me to my first photographer, Scott Orazem.  From there, I started to take on more photographers and – voila! – here I am today.  I have developed my niche market of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and still life photographers. In addition to seeking out only the most talented photographers, I also try to only represent the nice ones.  I live in Los Angeles with the love of my life, my daughter Sydney (and my husband, too).