Getting to Know Jon Johnson

Born in Washington State, Jon stumbled into photography trying to fill an elective class in high school.  Deciding that he wanted to try his hand in that racket professionally, he attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Ca.  After racking up heaps of knowledge and a crippling student loan bill, He decided the smart move would be to relocate to a higher cost of living…New York City.  There he honed his skills under some very accomplished photographers.  Working under Annie Leibovitz was a great learning experience on all fronts.  Big sets, multiple lighting scenarios and huge crews were common place on those jobs.

Now being on his own, he maintains a delicate balance of professionalism and comfort on his sets. Jon lives in Los Angeles, but spends half of his time working in New York.   When not on set, not doing office work, not spending time with his family, not keeping up with yard work, he enjoys woodworking and building furniture.  Jon also enjoys speaking in the third person.
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