Words of Praise for Alyssa & Alyssa Pizer Management

This very sweet email was just sent to Alyssa! ¬†Names have obviously been changed…
I don’t know if our Art Buyer, has reached out to you yet, but your photographer’s test was a smashing hit here. Words like: energy, movement, joy, authenticity and wow, were heard from many Creative Directors and Creative Managers. Job very well done. We are excited to get some time with your photographer and his crew.
On a personal level, this feels like a huge win for me. I genuinely adore you and him as people and believe that good people deserve good things. To have talent is one thing, but being a great person is another and I made it a point to make sure that others notice the difference. You both have touched my life in a positive way, inside and outside the studio.
In short, thank you.
A Happy Client