Sydney Rose Pizer: Love of My Life

I am so proud of my company Alyssa Pizer Management, but the true love of my life – and driving force behind my work – is my daughter, Sydney Rose Pizer.

There is so much I admire about her.  She’s an old soul.  Sydney is very smart, but also lighthearted with a wonderful sense of humor.  She’s a great athlete, too, with so much energy!  A talented skier, plus she runs, rides horses, plays tennis, golfs, and swims.  And the amazing thing is she’s just ten years old.

If I ever have a day where work is just too much, I can breathe easier after a few moments with her.  She’s such a character.  She’s the light of my life and, I would argue, the reason photos were meant to be taken.  Just look at that face!

Her father and I are so proud of her, for many reasons, the most recent being her acceptance into Stanford’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) in advanced math.

Sydney chose to write about me for Women’s History Month in 3rd Grade. You can hear what she had to say here:

020_20-1I love you, Sydney, and wanted to thank you for inspiring me every day.
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