Sessions of My Obsessions

Sessions of My Obsessions: A Mom’s Obsessions with Fashion, Food, Design and Kids is a blog we love – not just because it’s run by Cheyenne Ellis’ sister Tawny Lehman (though we like that, too), but also because it’s a great resource for anyone looking for a laidback approach to style, food, and parenting.


Tawny writes her blog with a refreshingly casual style (she even describes it as “just a blog”), which is great because it makes everything she discusses equally accessible.  Daunting tasks like buying art or dressing to impress for a big event are made easy with her tips.  Need art?  Check out 20×200, a website where you can find affordable pieces.  Going to a wedding soon?  Just rent an outfit online at Rent the Runway instead of spending a fortune on something you only need for one night.


Some of the posts focus on kids’ stuff, but you don’t have to be a child or have a child to enjoy the content.  One of my favorites is a post about the website Weelicious, which features a recipe for strawberries made to look like little red elves with cream cheese faces and chocolate chip eyes.  Sure, it’s probably a snack for kids, but it’s definitely something that will make you smile, along with the rest of this blog.


Check out Sessions of My Obsessions here:


Fun sites Tawny introduced us to are here:

20×200 http://www.20×

Rent the Runway