Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my *ahem* birthday and here are some notes from my photographers…


Larry sent this over! How great is that?


From William:

Hey there Alyssa,

Happy Birthday!  How many times has this happened before?  35?  Enjoy the day and expect a delivery I would hope on the early side.  Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


happy birthday alyssa! wishing you a beautiful birthday with family and friends !! xxx beth



I hope you have a wonderful birthday!



I hope you have the happiest of days, and getting treated like a queen! Thank you so much for all you do, it means the world to me.



Joseph also sent me a nice email, with lovely birthday wishes and lots of x’s…!


Not to mention all the Facebook well wishes (I had to have Haven show me how to use it!!)

My Facebook page


And even a note from a photographer who is now retired…


I hope you have a wonderful day and year!

Make a Wish! 🙂

Marc Addleman


Not to mention my most favorite designer ever, Ophelia!

xoxoxoxoxoox to the most crazy ass wonderful amazing woman




I had a lovely lunch with my assistant Haven, my daughter Sydney and Syd’s part-time nanny Chrissie… we went to True Food in Santa Monica, and I got to blow out a candle (thankfully only one and no one sang!) and shared the yummy desert with Syd.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and the beautiful gifts.  My office is overflowing with flowers, smells so good, and I definitely feel the love.
I’m so grateful,