Shannon Greer’s – Artist, Muse, Atelier

See what Shannon had to say about his latest test for his portfolio:

I began thinking of this shoot when I was shooting a video for my partner, artist Charlotta Janssen. I love the mess of art in her atelier. Charlotta’s studio while a decent size was not large enough for my shoot. It was when I was next door at Daddy-O Productions (a set building shop down the hall from my office at Ten Ton Studio), that I discovered the perfect location. His shop has windows on three sides, and has paint splashes and paint buckets everywhere. Add a few details, and voilà: the perfect artist’s studio!

Next, I talked to Mary Dail at Big Leo for a stylist and prop team. She had Barbara Schmidt of BStyle coming into town with her associate Rachel Lupton. We discussed props, and they ended up bringing a fair amount from Minnesota. The rest of the props we grabbed when we raided Charlotta’s studio for canvases, stools, and paintbrushes.

Next I got the rest of my team: Richard Cooley for Makeup from Utopia, Hikari Tezuka for Hair from Celestine Agency,  Alexandra Meseke, my Digital Tech, Linda Holm from Images, and Derek Tarver from Wilhelmina.

We were extremely lucky, as it was a beautiful day, and the light was spectacular at Daddy-O. I really enjoyed collaborating with everyone with this shoot, and I think that is evidenced in the photographs.