Photo Tips by Don Diaz

Ever wonder how to capture a child’s first step – without your finger blocking the lens?  In My Hometown magazine, Alyssa Pizer Management’s very own Don Diaz uncovers the secrets to taking great photos of kids.  From planning a wardrobe for children that won’t blend with the background to giving them a prop, like a toy, to play with, Diaz makes photographing those little rascals sound easy.  For anyone who has ever tried to get a kid still enough for a photo shoot, that’s got to be a relief.

Diaz includes some standard photo tricks, like shooting during the early morning or afternoon to get the best light, as well as some kid-centric tips, like crouching down to shoot at their eye level.  While you’re at it, Diaz also suggests focusing on the eyes, since they’re the first thing we tend to notice in a photo.  Try to capture all emotions, too, from giggles to tears.  This doesn’t mean steal the kid’s favorite toy just to get a reaction – on second thought, maybe it does…

My Hometown Magazine