Welcome To The Agency, Deborah Jaffe!

Meet Deborah Jaffe.

Hailing from the bustling and diverse landscapes of Moscow, Hong Kong, and Washington D.C., Deborah’s upbringing was a perfect cocktail of her American journalist father’s curiosity and her Kiwi floral-designer mother’s appreciation for natural beauty.

Picture this: a young art student, torn between paintbrushes and cameras, finding her true calling in her brother’s Nikon F3 during her stint at Carnegie Mellon and Parsons in Paris. Once she picked up that camera, she never looked back. 

In a world of pixels and filters, Deborah captures the tangible, the timeless, and the effortlessly elegant. Her aesthetic isn’t just a style; it’s a way of life – a lived-in, happy, and warm embrace of everything beautiful. 

She is currently putting down roots in Beachwood Canyon with her feline companion, Lilly. So, whether she’s jet-setting across the globe or tending to her roots in the Hollywood Hills, Deborah Jaffe is, and always will be, the creative being who turns every frame into a masterpiece, every room into a sanctuary, and every moment into a work of art.