I ♥ NY (& Le Book)

I just got back from a whirlwind tour of NYC. Well, mostly just the fashion parts. I was there for Le Book Connections, which always brings together the best in the biz. Over 500 people of the 2,000 that registered for the convention stopped by my booth. I love Le Book Connections because I get to meet all the other representatives that do what I do. I had an amazing corner location this year next to all of the best reps in my niche market. I reeled everyone in with candy. I had cake pops, Swedish Fish, Turkish Taffy, chocolate – and I ran out of everything! I also didn’t have any bags, pens, agency promos, or individual photographer promos left, either, so I’d say our booth was a success.


I stayed the weekend to window shop and had my share of I ♥ NY moments. The funniest thing I saw was a woman at Bergdorf’s who was using her white Hermès Birkin bag as a dog carrier. I was dying because that is such a beautiful bag. I kept thinking about the scratches and what would happen if the dog were to have an accident – then I realized that she must have several more at home to risk it. I ♥ NY for memorable people like that.


The most amazing thing I saw was the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met. It was breathtaking    I ♥ NY for the art!


The most delicious thing was the Mister Softee vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles. I broke down on Sunday and, I confess, had one for breakfast. The truck said it was only 210 calories, so hopefully I walked it off while shopping. I ♥ NY for food trucks and built-in exercise by walking.


My best find was at 25 Park. I got my daughter an amazing fur vest by Antik Batik in black shearling with beads for just $25! It’s regularly $425, but they were having a sample sale downstairs. The women’s clothes were 80% off as well. I ♥ NY for deals

like that. I saw three great musicals and now I’m hooked. I really wanted to see The Book of Morman but the scalper tickets were $500 and up. ‘Til next time…I ♥ NY (and tickets for The Book of Morman) from afar.