My Surprise Birthday Dinner!

I posted another blog on my birthday, showing some pictures of gifts I received and lunch with my daughter, my assistant Haven, and my part-time nanny Chrissie.  You can view it here:


Little did I know what was in store for me the following day!  Cheyenne organized a surprise birthday dinner for me, with all of my LA-based photographers, my favorite designer ever Ophelia, and my assistant Haven.  Too sweet!  I was so surprised and absolutely in shock.  The restaurant was The Hungry Cat in Santa Monica and it was delicious.  Colette brought along her boyfriend Prakash, who is also a photographer and who works for Larry quite often as a digital tech.  Laura’s boyfriend David came as well, who is a local architect, and I hope he wasn’t too bored while we all talked shop!


Here are some pictures, taken with Laura’s phone- gotta love the irony- a table full of photographers and not one brought a camera!

Me & Larry
NOT part of my diet!!!
The girls! Myself, Cheyenne, Colette & Laura
Me, Cheyenne & Colette


Here are some cards that were sent to me.  This has been the best birthday yet!  I feel very blessed and spoiled.

Don sent flowers and helped me do some damage at Borgioni!
Laura's card!
I love wakeboarding! Thanks Laura!!
Ophelia's beautiful card came with the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty book!
William's flowers were lovely...
My part-time nanny (and friend!) Chrissie's card...
Chrissie designs wreaths and this came on the one she made me... in addition to a fabulous gift basket from Pierre Lafont!
My assistant Haven's card, that came with a gift certificate to Natura spa!
Even my Mother-In-Law sent a sweet note!

Colette gave me amazing face creams and a lovely stationary set from Barney’s- something I never would have spent the money on myself.  Truly lovely.  I hope they’ll help to turn back time, or at least keep me in a holding pattern!  Philip, Beth & Joseph also gave me gift certificates from All Saints- just what I wanted!!- in order to go in and get some lovely things for myself.  Shannon’s gift certificate was to Calypso, and is already spent!


Really the best birthday ever.  It’s so amazing to be surrounded by nice, warm and caring people.

Cheers to That with Larry Bartholomew!

Larry’s recent ad for Barcardi reminds us to get together with friends.  One hundred and thirty extras and four main talent gathered for the shoot on a beautiful spring day at Balboa Park.  Rob Brooks and Skylar Salisbury from @Moosylvania headed art direction.  Beau Quillian from Celestine handled styling.  Now that sounds like a party!

Find something worth toasting to and start your own bash: