Larry Bartholomew

Fitness models are always enviable.  Their tone physiques, their seemingly endless amount of energy to jump, kick, and run – and their opportunities to work with great photographers like Larry Bartholomew.  It’s really just the angle that makes them look that good, right?

In these latest ads for lucy activewear, the models will make you jealous of their tone physiques and the cute clothes will make you want to run to your nearest lucy store to by yoga pants.  If you do go, note that crops are 25% off, so forget trying to measure up to fitness models (it’s really all just airbrushing) and show off those calves!  If only the offer also included a free photo shoot with Larry…



Cheyenne Ellis

Cheyenne Ellis has taken photographs in exotic locations like Puerto Rico, London, and Miami, making for some amazing memories and beautiful photos.  Her images from Puerto Rico are in the May issue of Fitness Magazine, on stands now, with Colbie Caillat on the cover.  To get those shots, Ellis took a boat to a private island where she made use of bright, clear water and nearly deserted beaches.  How I wish I had the life of a photographer!

Ellis had to switch gears for another Fitness Magazine assignment where she was sent back to her hometown of Mammoth Lakes, CA to get some shots for their winter issue.  These images look like they were just as fun for her to take, proving that Ellis doesn’t need a Puerto Rican island to be inspired – though I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.


Galvin Benjamin

What do you get when you mix art, tea, and books?  A university?  Wrong.  A hip coffee house?  Wrong again.

What if I told you hair products and a pair of scissors were the mix?

You might not guess it, but you’d get Galvin Benjamin, a new hair salon in West Hollywood.  In contrast to L.A.’s modern vibe, Galvin Benjamin brings British charm to Melrose in the form of artful – and certainly fashionable – haircuts.  They really believe in the art of haircutting – transforming a trim to an intellectual and artistic experience.  Check out this article in Urban Daddy for more information – and be sure to make your appointment before all the time slots are auctioned off.



One of the main reasons I wish I lived in France is that culture is on every corner.  Not only that, but the people there cherish it.  The infrequently published magazine Egoiste represents that perfectly.  Issues come out just every couple of years and with each it seems like you’re catching a glimpse of the most important cultural events of the time.  Indeed, the aim is to do just that.  They only include people, events, and ads that will matter years from now and stand the test of time.

Check out the latest issue, which is on stands now.  One version features Keira Knightley and the other features French performer James Thiérrée, so there’s something for everyone.

Read more about the Egoiste in this article on The Daily Beast – and make sure to savor it like a fine French wine.


Shannon Greer: Charlotta Janssen Paints Freedom Riders

May 4, 2011 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders, a group of protestors who rode a bus across the country to
protest segregation. Shannon Greer directed this video that captures artist Charlotta Janssen’s passionate response to this

Janssen’s work focuses on the Freedom Riders’ mug shots as a sort of celebration of their story. Instead of hiding the mug
shots away in shame, she wants to commemorate these incredible individuals, spending a lot of time to get each portrait
just right. In this video, Greer returns the favor by capturing Janssen’s unique character, highlighting her passion for the
subject as well as her artistic technique.

Janssen’s portraits will be open for view on June 18th, 2011 at the Downtown Public Library in Nashville, TN, where the

Freedom Rides originated.

Shannon Greer: Charlotta Janssen Paints Freedom Riders

Shannon Greer: Charlotta Janssen Paints Freedom Riders from Alyssa Pizer Management on Vimeo.

How To Succeed in Social Marketing Without Really Trying by Ophelia Chong

I fell into Social Marketing, I didn’t even know I was doing it until I started seeing the results of my playing around on Flickr and Twitter. I joined Flickr in 2006 and Twitter in  2007, both of which I used as an outlet for my art and writing during the time that I was creating my fourth career as a lay-about artist with internet access and caffeine.

Twitter opened the world to me and allowed me to meet people I would’ve never met offline, some of those online friendships went offline and into career opportunities. Flickr brought my illustration and letterpress work out into a virtual gallery that publishers and galleries could view; by keywording my work properly, they found my work easily through Flickr search. Since 2006, my artwork has been published in over 10 books and shown in nine galleries; and I have been writing commentary for KCET since 2009. All of this was done without any print promotion, eblasts or cold calls. It was done by learning how to keyword, how to interact with a virtual audience and how to use the tools available to anyone with an attention span.


Fifth Career


Now I teach the “Marketing and Self-Promotion” class at the Art Center College of Design to photography students. I have spoken to graduating students at USC, Spotlight Gifted Students at the Music Center, and also via virtual Skype seminars for the ASPP.  The most recent seminar was at the Palm Springs Photo Festival in March.


Opportunity Calling


The phone rang at 11:45 pm on Sunday night. Luckily for me (and them) I was up watching the 543rd rerun of my favorite Law and Order. It was a slightly panicked call asking me to fill in for the speaker who was supposed to lead the seminar in 15 hours. I said “yes, okay”, without really asking what I was supposed to talk about other than Social Marketing. I was going to wing it. The next morning I checked the website and looked at what I was supposed to actually do. “Oh oh”, was my first thought. I had to fill an hour and forty five minutes with great ideas on how to market your business via the internet. But then the other half of my brain kicked in and said “you love talking, you’ll be fine”.


And that is where I met Alyssa Pizer.


She sat up front, with pens, a pad of paper and her Blackberry. She reminded me of the eager student on the first day of school, she looked like she was going to either give me an apple or hurl it at me. She kept me on my toes by asking questions that made the time fly and before I knew it, it was 4:30pm. We talked after and found common ground in how we love a great deal and I loved her way of telling it the way it is.


And here we are.


That day, Alyssa hired me to help her with her marketing. Over six weeks we worked together on her online and offline marketing plan, with the help of her amazing assistant Haven.

While her talented website team launched, we worked on her blog, eblasts, twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.  With this interconnected constellation of links and keywording, anyone searching for Alyssa Pizer and her photographers will be able to find her. Simply put the internet works for you when you give people multiple ways to find you.


Tips / Ideas / Resourses
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Alternative Promotion and Entrepreneur info:
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MINT Entrepreneurial Organization at ACCD
Caltech MIT Enterprise Forum
CMYK free student portfolio C(MY)K
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Photo Tips by Don Diaz

Ever wonder how to capture a child’s first step – without your finger blocking the lens?  In My Hometown magazine, Alyssa Pizer Management’s very own Don Diaz uncovers the secrets to taking great photos of kids.  From planning a wardrobe for children that won’t blend with the background to giving them a prop, like a toy, to play with, Diaz makes photographing those little rascals sound easy.  For anyone who has ever tried to get a kid still enough for a photo shoot, that’s got to be a relief.

Diaz includes some standard photo tricks, like shooting during the early morning or afternoon to get the best light, as well as some kid-centric tips, like crouching down to shoot at their eye level.  While you’re at it, Diaz also suggests focusing on the eyes, since they’re the first thing we tend to notice in a photo.  Try to capture all emotions, too, from giggles to tears.  This doesn’t mean steal the kid’s favorite toy just to get a reaction – on second thought, maybe it does…

My Hometown Magazine