Welcome To The Agency, Vivian Kim!

Vivian Kim is a California born-and-raised photographer and director who is currently based in… you guessed it — California. Vivian fell in love with photography the instant she felt the shutter release of her best friend’s late grandfather’s Canon AE1. It was a simple, yet impactful feeling that paralleled the moments she sought to capture. Her work reflects her attention to detail, as she captures the in-between moments that look and feel effortless and refreshing. She values collaboration and brings a fresh and motivated energy to each project, to produce truly impactful work.

Beyond her career, she loves to surf and travel. She is a serial hobbyist and loves learning. Because of this, she is an ok guitar player, knows a bit more than the average person about plants, can start a conversation in four different languages, and has made some wonderful friends all over the world.