Deborah Keaton: Art Director

Alyssa Pizer Management wants to celebrate one of our biggest inspirations, art director Deborah Keaton.  She has worked with Don Diaz on Disney photo shoots for nearly ten years.  Such a long history means they’re extremely comfortable working together – and they’re both Scorpios, so they even match up astrologically!

Whatever it is that has created such a strong partnership, something’s definitely working right for this pair.  Don praises Deb’s ability to always have a clear vision, which makes his job a lot easier.  Deb loves that Don understands the look and feel of Disney, which she says can be hard to get just right.  Together, they consistently meet – and usually exceed – the client’s expectations.

Deb’s website says, “Some designers leave a stamp on their client’s work.  Deborah leaves a smile on their face.”  I think she should add that she also leaves a smile on the faces of people she has collaborated with.  APM is certainly smiling because of her!  Thank you, Deb, for your inspiration.

Ophelia Chong

Now that my new website is finally launched, I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of my thoughts about what I learned during this process.  Like
 any successful rep-photographer relationship, it would never have happened if I had not found the right person with whom to collaborate.  Sometimes, it
 takes seeing what you don’t want in order to figure what you do want.  In
 my case, I went through three rounds with different designers before I found
 Ophelia Chong.

From the moment I heard her speak at a seminar on social marketing, I understood that she had a grasp of what I was looking for.  If you’ve already read Ophelia’s post on this blog, you know that she was asked to do that speech only fifteen hours before it happened because the original speaker canceled.  What a lucky twist of fate for me.

Ophelia’s combination of creativity and quick thinking (how many people do you know who could wing an hour and forty-five minute speech?) have made her a joy to work with, especially throughout the ad hoc process of launching a website.  She’s the kind of person who tackles any challenge with grace and incredible smarts.  The results are Alyssa Pizer Management’s beautiful, easy-to-access online and offline marketing materials – all for which I have Ophelia to thank!

Learn more about Ophelia Chong and see some of her work in this recent interview for The 22 Magazine: