Happy Birthday Ericka!

We hope you have a wonderful day with loved ones.

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Birthday Celebration from August 4th


Thank you to Blushington, City Kitchen Catering, my family, friends, photographers, assistant, and interns for making my 51st birthday a very special day! homepage1__standard homepage2__standard homepage3__standard homepage4__standard homepage5__standard homepage6__standard photo copy 2

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Happy 12th Birthday to Sydney!

Also, congratulations on a great soccer season. Happy Birthday Sydney!

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My Dad’s 75th

For my Dad’s 75th birthday, my daughter and I made a cake for him at Duff’s Cake Mix. We had a lot of fun!

Sydney & Gretchen’s Photo Shoot

Turning fifty is a milestone…watching my daughter grow into such a remarkable young lady is another! Check out these pics her and Gretchen took as a surprise birthday present. What a cute kid – and a beauty inside and out. Thanks for the gift, Syd and Gretchen!

Sydney’s Surprise for My 50th

Sydney’s Surprise for My 50th from Alyssa Pizer Management on Vimeo.

My amazing daughter Sydney contacted all of my photographers to create a surprise birthday video for my 50th! The original was over fifteen minutes long, featuring all the photogs at APM. Here is a shortened version for you to enjoy – I did! It was so sweet, completely unexpected, and much appreciated. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Gretchen and Sydney also snuck in a surprise photo shoot. A sneak peek of the images is at the end of this video and an upcoming blog post will feature more.

Happy Birthday, Sydney!

My beautiful daughter (and love of my life) Sydney turned eleven on Friday!

We LOVE Ophelia!

We LOVE Ophelia Chong (as you know from posts like this one and this one.)

For her birthday, (which is today!), she sends us gifts!  How great is that?!

Check out these awesome note cards she sent us, made from her collection of engravings from the 1900s to the 1950s.  She hand printed them on a Vandercook Universal (pictured below).
Here are some links to more of her work: