Congrats Mindy Byrd!

We’re gushing at the office over these adorable photos of Mindy’s son Ollie Blue Allen, born March 16.

Look Who Made Le Book’s Celebrity Newsletter!!

Alexandra Valenti made it into Le Book’s newsletter for her work with Mandy Moore for The Cut!


Alexandra Valenti Shoots Mandy Moore for The Cut

Check out the full article here:

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Congratulations Sydney!

Congratulations to Sydney for winning the Butch Gross Award at Curtis for Courage in Spirit and Inspiration to Us All.

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Le Book Paris

Thank you to all who stopped by my booth at Le Book Connections Paris 2013. LEBOOK_THANKYOUS_2013Paris postcard AlyssaPizer_lebook2013_08 AlyssaPizer_lebook2013_19 AlyssaPizer_lebook2013_14

Cheyenne Ellis Travels to New Zealand

Cheyenne traveled to New Zealand for ten days for model Kara Thom’s wedding to Patagonia photographer Jeff Johnson.  Below is a little taste of the trip and their adventures fishing, surfing, and visiting Great Barrier Island.   A full gallery will be up on Chey’s website soon.


Le Book LA

Thank you to all who came by!